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#ScrapTheYard update 28.10.2022
The community campaign group (#ScrapTheYard) has been meeting to discuss ways to take the campaign forward following the devastating decision from the Secretary of State. Having sought professional advice, we are clear that there remains no further legal processes that the campaign can follow. So, we are in general agreement that the campaign is now moving from a full frontal opposition phase to an engagement phase. We split this into several sections:
1. Secretary of State
Helen Hayes MP, has agreed to write again requesting more detail on why the Appeal was called in.
2. Lambeth Council
Helen Hayes MP has written to Lambeth outlining a request for a ‘community working group’ to be involved in the discussions/negotiations with Southwark Metals over shaping and scrutinsing the conditions as laid down in the SoS approval of the Appeal. There are 37 conditions in all, not all will require discussion/negotiation.
Helen has recent experience of successfully leading a similar process/format.
3. Southwark Metals
We agreed it was important going forward that the campaign engages positively with SM with the aim to achieve the best possible outcome and Station to Station BID has been asked to open up a line of communication.
4. The Community
It was agreed the community in general, and Windsor Grove residents and businesses in particular – needed to be updated on the situation.
It was agreed to produce a leaflet summarising the result of the Appeal and inviting residents to share their ideas and concerns to ensure the campaign and the working group is representative. This is especially important so that our proposed working group can reflect, in depth and detail, both the voice of residents/businesses as well as their active concerns.
5. Road Safety Improvements
Additionally, we looked at other areas the campaign could achieve positive outcomes - specifically focussed on road safety improvement. 
6. Next steps
If you are interested in being actively involved in the campaign, please email info@norwoodforum.org.

#ScrapTheYard update 26.08.2022
The decision has been announced by the Secretary of State today. 
We are devastated to learn that the SoS has allowed the appeal which means Southwark Metals can now build their metal processing facility at the end of Windsor Grove - subject to a long list of conditions. The campaign is looking at our options and 
more will be posted here once we have read and digested the full statement, which you can read in full here.

#ScrapTheYard update 16.08.2022
There is a possibility of a delay, but we currently expect the appeal decision to be published this Thursday 18 August 2022. If so, the decision will be published both here on the gov.uk website and also here on the Planning Inspectorate website.

#ScrapTheYard update 20.07.2022
A new Secretary of State has been appointed, The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP.  #ScrapTheYard are writing to his office for an update on the time line for publishing the decision on the Planning Inquiry.

#ScrapTheYard update 02.07.2022
The latest news we have is that a decision by the Secretary of State is expected on 18 August 2022.
Following the sacking of Secretary of State Michael Gove by PM Boris Johnson and the subsequent political situation, it is currently unclear if this date will remain.
The campaign group is seeking urgent clarity from the Planning Inspectors office.
Watch this space for news as soon as we have it.

#ScrapTheYard update
The Public Inquiry - ran online from Tuesday 1 to Tuesday 8 March 2022

Following the adjournment on 8 March 2022, the closing submissions from both main parties have been delivered, and can be downloaded from the Lambeth public inquiry website. Under core documents Google drive folders, at section 16 Inquiry Documents:
Document 16.27: Council's closing submission
Document 16.28: Appellant's closing submission
Document 19.29: Appellant's reply to Council 

The inquiry is now closed and a decision by the Secretary of State is awaited. We understand that once the inspector has issued his report to the Secretary of State, the final decision will be published within around 13 weeks. Maybe during July 2022?
You can still view each day of the Inquiry, virtually via Teams and the links below. These recordings should be accessible for 180 days: 

Join the inquiry via Teams on Tuesday 1 March 2022

Join the inquiry via Teams on Wednesday 2 March 2022

Join the inquiry via Teams on Thursday 3 March 2022

Join the inquiry via Teams on Friday 4 March 2022

Join the inquiry via Teams on Monday 7 March 2022

Join the inquiry via Teams on Tuesday 8 March 2022 (from 2pm)

This Lambeth Council web page also has further helpful information and access to all the appeal documentation - and the links above if they change or don't work.

Information published before the Inquiry opened:
The Public Inquiry is going to be held entirely online and will begin on Tuesday 1 March 2022 (10am). It is scheduled to close on 8 March "but the duration is not fixed and will depend on how the evidence emerges". All interested parties, including those who submitted representations on the planning application, should have received a letter from Lambeth dated 16 February 2022 on the arrangements. You can read this letter here (page 1) and here (page 2).
The Campaign
#ScrapTheYard in partnership with Norwood Forum, Norwood Action Group, Norwood Planning Assembly and Station to Station are a registered "Interested Party" and will be attending the Public Inquiry along with our Acoustic Consultant, Paul Gillieron. Rob Andrew will represent this coalition - known formally in this process as "The Community", as the lead on our response.
Taking an active part in the Public Inquiry
If you want to add something new to your written comments, you can register to speak "as a third party". To do this you should send your request and contact details to Lauren Shallcross at lshallcross@lambeth.gov.uk or phone 020 7926 8349. Ideally by close of play Friday 25 February, and before the Inquiry begins. You can take part via Teams or by phone (at your expense). Local Councillors are registering to speak.
The decision process
The Secretary for State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (Michael Gove) ) is to determine this appeal instead of the Planning Inspector. The reason given for this direction is that the appeal involves proposals which "raise important or novel issues of development control, and/or legal difficulties". #ScrapTheYard has asked for clarification on this points, but we have been advised that these details are never disclosed. This means that instead of writing a decision, the Inspector will prepare a report and recommendation, which will be forwarded to the Secretary of State for final determination.
It’s not a ‘called-in appeal’ but a ‘recovered appeal’, so-named because it used to be that all appeals were handed by the government department, but for years appeals have been delegated to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS). PINS can request the government to take back the decision in a limited number of circumstances – hence ‘recovered’ by the SoS.

Who is the Planning Inspector?
The Planning Inspector is Richard Clegg.
If you need to contact the Planning Inspectorate about the appeal, the case officer is Robert Wordsworth: Robert.wordsworth@planninginspectorate.gov.uk or on 0303 4445608.  

What can you do right now?
Please put a Campaign Poster in your window

The Planning Inspector will be making several site visits some formal and others informal.
We don't know when.
To show solidarity with the campaign please put a Campaign Poster in your window  - and if the Inspector comes past your house, it is essential that he is reminded of our campaign.
Click on the image below, download and print it out - it works in black as well as colour and will fit on A4 easily - or you can enlarge it.
If you don't have a printer at home, get in touch here and we will get a copy to you.

Submissions were also made by the #ScrapTheYard Campaign Group, Windsor Close residents (following a door to door survey with campaign support), Windsor Centre businesses (a business response petition), Helen Hayes, MP (a written response also signed by all eight local Labour Councillors), Ward Councillors (many produced individual responses - incl. Cllrs Matthew Bennett, Fred Cowell and Pete Elliott, and groups such as Knights Hill Councillors also made submissions), Royal Mail (a response as an Interested Party), Parents of Kingswood School (lower) (a group submission), and many individuals (there was a huge burst of social/WhatsApp activity on the final day with lots of feedback confirming individual responses had been made).

The Appeal is expected to be heard over the period 1-11 March 2022. SEE UPDATE ABOVE ON VIRTUAL PUBLIC INQUIRY
This is being planned for a hybrid meeting: limited in person attendees and held online.
The campaign employed an acoustic consultant to produce a report for our response, and he will attend the hearing. The Planning Inspector may ask him to speak and has confirmed if this is the case, it will be on the first day. 

What’s Next?
The Appeal: there is nothing more to do on the campaign response until closer to the Appeal date when we will need to ensure we are as prepared as we can be. Nearer the time an attendance plan/rota will be made to ensure the campaign completely fills all the seats available - whether virtual or real.
Fundraising campaign: no public fundraising planned as yet, pending outcome of the Appeal.
Communications and publicity: please download the campaign poster here - and put it in your window. The Planning Inspector will be making several site visits, though we probably won't know when - this way he will witness something of the strength of our opposition.
Demonstration: discussion ongoing about a demonstration on the first day of the Appeal - more to follow on this!

Southwark Metals have lodged their appeal
This is what is happening and - WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW

This is exactly the type of vehicle that would form part of the daily HGV traffic – 32tonne gvw hook-loaders - with a useful person walking past to help with scale. 

Campaign Team

  • Very busy working on a Campaign detailed response to the Appeal.
  • Supporting local residents and businesses in Windsor Grove in writing their own group responses.
  • Working with our local Councillors who are writing their own joint response.
  • Keeping in touch with Royal Mail who will making their own detailed response.

We urgently need expert technical support on:

  • Transport, Waste Management and Acoustics
  • Planning Appeal legal support
  • Planning Appeal experience and expertise more widely (any former planners living locally?).

If you, or anyone you know, might be able to help the campaign with any of this expertise, please get in touch: info@norwoodforum.org

Lambeth Council
We are told that Lambeth will strongly defend the Planning Committee decision so that its refusal is upheld – we do hope this is shown to be the case.

What you can do NOW
Make your own objections to the Planning Inspectorate DEADLINE Tuesday 14 December - this is how:
The case number to quote in correspondence is: APP/N5660/W/21/3285463 and you can comment in the following ways:

Reasons the planning application was refused
'The proposed development will result in an increase in traffic on Windsor Grove, a relatively narrow access road that also serves 58 residential properties. The likely level of additional vehicular movements, including HGV movements, generated by the development will result in an adverse impact on the character of Windsor Grove, and on the amenity of pedestrians and cyclists using that road and of those residents living adjacent to it. Taking account of the criteria set out in London Plan policy SI 8E and other relevant matters, the NPPF when read as a whole and as a matter of planning judgement the Council has determined that the adverse impact on character and on amenity is not outweighed by the benefits of the proposed development.'

Issues you might raise in your objections
The impact by traffic and the business operation itself on the “character and amenity of Windsor Close and adjacent areas” due to continuous disturbance, noise, pollution and road safety, including:

  • About 150 vehicle movements through our streets five and a half days a week, many of which will be large trucks (see photo above). That's 40,000 trips a year and about 250,000 extra vehicle miles in Lambeth due to extra distance travelled to from source.
  • As well as HGV trucks, the typical users will be skip lorries, vans and trucks with no enforceable cap on the total HGVs per hour or per day.
  • Windsor Grove is a narrow cul-de-sac.
  • Windsor Grove is the sole access road serving Windsor Close housing estate of about 58 homes - the closest of which are only three metres from the site.
  • Windsor Grove is already co-shared by the Windsor Centre industrial estate and the large Royal Mail depot.
  • The site abuts two schools: Park Campus and Kingswood Primary School (Lower).
  • The project obliterates a Site of Importance for Nature Conservancy (SINC).
  • There is an operational requirement for ventilation purposes that the hanger doors of the proposed new facility must be left open, impacting local noise and pollution from metal waste uploading/tipping, moving internally, and loading. Overall opening is 12m wide. 
  • The proposed mitigation for the dangers of HGV's locally in West Norwood is to instal a new “no right turn” out of Windsor Grove, enforced by CCTV , so all HGV's will be mandated to go left towards Elder Road passed multiple schools (whether from Southwark Metals or Royal Mail or the light industrial estate).

The Campaign is advised that 'adjacent areas' are defined as approximately 200m around the site, so in our case will include Norwood High Street from The Hope Pub to St Luke’s Primary School in Elder Road as well as from Kingswood Primary School (Lower) in Gipsy Road into Chapel Road. See map below:

Despite all the above - Southwark Metals make the following claims:

  • There will be hardly any rise in air pollution even with 150 extra vehicle movements (vehicles coming in then out of the site) every weekday and 70 on Saturday mornings.
  • That all this extra traffic coming in and out of Windsor Close every day won’t cause traffic jams or present any difficulties for emergency vehicles.
  • There will be hardly any noise pollution from all of this additional traffic.
  • That 150 vehicle trips a day will not make Windsor Grove and the High Street more dangerous for pedestrians, especially school kids.
  • They are building a ‘state of the art’ building to house the metal recycling work. But now they admit that they will have to keep the large doors open all day – so the noise of metal being processed will be much louder than previously expected.

The planning application and appeal documentation
Lambeth case number 20/01066/EIAFUL
Copies of the application, the appeal documentation, and all the comments can all be viewed on Lambeth's website:  www.lambeth.gov.uk/planningdatabase 
And this is a direct link here (which sometimes get corrupted)

This is your LAST CHANCE TO OBJECT - please act now!

Read the full story here

New Public Protest

The campaign has just announced a second Public Protest.
This will be at 6pm, Tuesday 13 July on the steps of Lambeth Town Hall prior to the Planning Applications Committee Meeting.
Everyone is welcome - and please bring your banners!
Covid-19 restrictions will still be in play so please be exceptionally mindful of physical distancing and we would recommend mask wearing too. We want to be sure that no accusations can be placed on the campaign that we have been encouraging people to endanger their own, and other peoples, health. It only takes one photo ...
Thank you all for your tremendous support.

DEADLINE Thursday 8 July 12 noon
Written representations, including any letters, petitions or photos should be emailed to the case officer: Benjamin Oates BOates@lambeth.gov.uk.
The planning reference is: 
No: 20/01066/EIAFUL - Land Off Windsor Grove, Adjoining Railway At West Norwood London

#ScrapTheYard - new press release 6 July
Read (and share) our new press release here

Planning Application Committee (PAC) date now published: Tuesday 13 July, 7pm
It will be a single issue meeting, read all the details here
The #ScrapTheYard campaign is in the process of organising a response including the nominated speakers.
Our local MP, Helen Hayes is already confirmed.
Get involved and keep up-to-date on the campaign here: Facebook: @ScrapTheYardTwitter: @ScrapTheYard_WN, Instagram @ScrapTheYard
Or if you want to be kept informed by email, then email us on: info@norwoodforum.org
Click on the letter below to read a larger version:

#ScrapTheYard and the fantastic community turnout at the public protest on Thursday 27 May outside the yard gates, with our local MP, Helen Hayes speaking.
Our thanks to Pete Williams for the video. Also find it on YouTube here

Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood
“Windsor Grove is a completely unacceptable location for a large metal recycling facility, which would bring more than 100 trucks a day down this narrow cul-de-sac. 
“I have written to Lambeth Council with all of the Labour ward councillors on behalf of local residents to object in the strongest possible terms. 
“This application must be rejected.”

Councillor Jane Pickard
“This proposal still poses a threat to pollution and road safety in the roads round the site, despite Southwark Metals saying it would reduce tonnage.
“There would still be at least 53 heavy goods vehicle movements a day according to the company’s own estimates which may be on the low side. That is too much for a residential area with fairly narrow streets, lined on both sides by parked cars, and used by hundreds of school children. In addition, there would be 103 vehicle movements by cars and vans.
“The council has declared a climate emergency and wants to reduce pollution, not increase it. Allowing this development to go ahead would be disastrous."
Labour councillor - Knights Hill Ward (London Borough of Lambeth)

Councillor Fred Cowell
“This application needs to be opposed. Speaking to planning officers they have made it clear there are no safeguards against large lorries going through West Norwood. Hour on hour of oversized vehicles polluting the area and congesting the streets.”
Labour & Co-operative Councillor - Thurlow Park Ward (London Borough of Lambeth)

Rob Andrew, Norwood Action Group
“In the face of fierce local opposition, this  year‑old application that Lambeth was set to refuse last August has been scaled down. Southwark Metals hope to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by now saying daily vehicle movements would ‘only’ be about 150, and annual tonnage ‘only’ 25,000. This looks like it could win Lambeth over. We need your help, please object to Lambeth Council.
“If you were one of the 1,464 people who made an objection to Lambeth in the earlier round, it’s vital you do so again. Make clear that the lower figures are still an outrageous proposal. The plan impacts the entire borough, dragging most of the scrap carriers through the whole length of Lambeth. Everything about this planning application is plainly wrong.”

#ScrapTheYard - STOP PRESS 26.05.21: Read our new press release here
For further information about the campaign, please contact: 
Rob Andrew at Norwood Action Group - info@norwoodactiongroup.org / jrandrew@talktalk.net
For media queries, please contact:
Claire Felstead - clairefelstead@yahoo.co.uk 

#ScrapTheYard is a grass roots community campaign to prevent Southwark Metals from moving to Windsor Grove in West Norwood.
Please see our flyer below for why this is so important.
And please use the campaign hashtag at every opportunity #ScrapTheYard

How can you help?
1: OBJECT #ScrapTheYard: Tell Lambeth you reject the plan, AGAIN!
This is important otherwise Lambeth may think we’re happy with the reduced plans. Act now, the decision could be soon.
Go to planning.lambeth.gov.uk/online-applications. Search 20/01066 – two will show – choose the one: 'Land off Windsor Grove', and follow the instructions on the Comments tab.

2: SIGN #ScrapTheYard Sign the grass-roots petition (only once is possible): Click here
All thanks to local resident Carmen Sandilands, who set this up over 18months ago.

3: SHARE #ScrapTheYard Spread the Word any way you can
Ask loads of friends, neighbours, school parents and staff to join in. People Power will win through. Link to this Facebook page using @ScrapTheYard - and always use the hashtag #ScrapTheYard

4: DEMONSTRATE #ScrapTheYard Huge thanks to all the amazing people who turned out for the public protest outside the yard gates yesterday (Thursday 27 May). See the fantastic video of the speech made by our local MP Helen Hayes at the top of this page.

Are you on social media?
Follow, like, share the campaign on Facebook: @ScrapTheYardTwitter: @ScrapTheYard_WN, Instagram @ScrapTheYard

More info
Our flyer has lots more info, click to enlarge/copy/save/share

Our map shows the routes that will be affected, click to enlarge/copy/save/share

#ScrapTheYard Mass Email Campaign
Monday 21 June - download the details here if you would like to take part
Wednesday 23 June - download the details here if you would like to take part
Friday 25 June - download the details here if you would like to take part