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Knights Hill Wood

Our Nature in our Neighbourhood focus today is the small but beautiful Knights Hill Wood. Once part of the mighty Great North Wood, now it is a tiny remnant of Portobello House gardens, where exotic trees are combined with natives including English Elm survivors, which we think is what makes it so special.

Brixton Buzz produced a lovely blog on the Wood in the Spring this year:
'This tiny remnant of the once-grand Portobello House gardens provides an unexpected bucolic treat right next to the busy Knight’s Hill road in West Norwood.

Located opposite the larger Tivoli Park (featured on Tues 8 Dec), Knight’s Hill Wood hosts a number of ornamental trees dating from the C19th garden, including a Weymouth pine, deodar, oak, ash, sycamore, lime, horse-chestnut, and holly with elm in the understorey.

Native trees and a boundary fence have also been planted, and there’s a circular path running in the park, For such a small space (just 0.25 hectares/0.57 acres), it packs in a lot of interest!'

Find the whole article with lots of photos here: www.brixtonbuzz.com/2020/05/in-photos-the-small-wild-and-enjoyable-knights-hill-wood-nature-reserve-south-london/
Local charity Nature Vibezzz, our Nature in our Neighbourhood focus on Mon 30 Nov, have run many forest schools in the woods too.

Knights Hill Wood is owned and maintained by Lambeth Council: www.parksandgardens.org/places/knights-hill-wood-nature-reserve