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Nature Vibezzz

Today we are focussing on local charity Nature Vibezzz.

Nature Vibezz work involves Environmental Education and Practical Nature Conservation sessions, programs, events and community projects. They also run high quality forest school activities for young people in London.

You may have taken part in their fantastic project run in Tivoli Park and Knights Hill Wood?
Memories, Heritage and Community of Knights Hill Woods and Tivoli Park: Starting in November 2017 this one and a half year old community project focused on the historical and natural heritage of Knights Hill Wood and Tivoli Park and included historic heritage research techniques, practical nature conservation and wildlife identification techniques. These techniques were taught in order to preserve the heritage and increase the wildlife biodiversity of Knights Hill Wood and Tivoli Park for future generations and were run via a series of free activities at both sites open to the general public and tailor made for youth groups / community groups / schools.

A film of the project will be released very shortly.

You can visit both parks (and read more about both in other Nature in our Neighbourhood daily features) and much of the work carried out during this project is still visible, including the fantastic Deadwood Hedge:

Keep up to date with Nature Vibezzz:
Website: www.naturevibezzz.org/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Naturevibezzz/
Twitter: twitter.com/NatureVibezzz
Instagram: www.instagram.com/john_naturevibezzz/