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Norwood Road: temporary closure at the Tulse Hill railway bridge

Lambeth Council has advised us that a temporary closure of Norwood Road is necessary at the Tulse Hill railway bridge to enable drainage investigation works to be undertaken. Note, this is not the railway bridge on the South Circular, but the one on Norwood Road between Leigham Vale and Avenue Park Road.

TfL Red Routes and bike lanes

From 27 June, TfL may issue a fine to motor vehicles caught driving in a cycle lane on a TfL red route when not permitted.

Streatham Food Festival

Streatham Food Festival is back, with over 40 venues offering signature dishes from £2-£10 from Friday 1 - Saturday 9 July 2022.

Covid-19 in Lambeth

Covid infections in the UK are up by more than 40%, the latest weekly Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures suggest.
Around 1.4m people in the UK had coronavirus in the week ending 11 June, up from around 990,000 the week before.

LHS Photographic competition

The Lambeth Horticultural Society (LHS) Late Summer Show on 10 September 2022 will include a photographic competition: 

Help to keep our street trees hydrated during heat wave

Just like us, trees need water and in hot weather even more is needed to keep them hydrated. That’s why Lambeth Council is asking residents to water street trees twice a week with a jug of water or more if possible. Recycled water can be used from the bath, washing up or rain barrel. Let’s give something back to the trees that provide us with the air we breathe and the pollution they absorb to prevent us from breathing it in.

Kidd E Coding Class

Millennium Community Solutions will be continuing to run exciting coding classes for children age 5-11, at the Southwyck Coding and Arts Centre, Southwyck Estate, Moorland Road Brixton, SW9 8UR.

Lambeth street bins

Lambeth wants to hear your thoughts about Lambeth’s on-street recycling bins. What do you recycle when you’re out and about, and what could be improved?