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Learning Disability

#ThrivingNorwood FREE activites and support for those in our community with learning disabilities
Allotment Project run by Rathbone Society
Weekly Wellbeing Walk run by L'Arche
Improving Life Experiences run by The Dante Leigh Foundation

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Allotment Project run by Rathbone Society - for adults with a learning disability aged 18yrs+
What? Allotment Project for young adults with a learning disability over 18, with the aim to improve physical & mental health, reduce social isolation, and help with the cost of living.
When? Every Saturday
Where? Rathbone site on Chatsworth Way, West Norwood and Rosendale Allotments
How to take part? Contact Andrew Preston for more information a.preston@rathbonesociety.org.uk

Who is Rathbone Society?
Most people know them simply as 'Rathbones', and they largely support young people in the borough of Lambeth with a wide range of projects including youth clubs. Whilst they are primarily a service provider to young people with learning disabilities, they also deliver mainstream and integrated youth work at both their base The Old Library in West Norwood and other venues across the south of the borough.
Contact: Andrew Preston a.preston@rathbonesociety.org.uk
Website: rathbonesociety.org.uk/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Rathbonelambeth/
Twitter: twitter.com/_Rathbone_
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rathbonesociety

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Getting Out There: Better Together run by L'Arche - for people of all ages, with and without learning disabilities
L'Arche run a weekly Wellbeing Walk in West Norwood. This is an opportunity for people with and without learning disabilities to meet up regularly, form relationships, and spend time together in nature.
How to take part? Please contact Joseph Beakhouse at the email below for more information, or show up on the day.
When? Every Friday at 12noon for about 40mins, leaving from the L'Arche shop, 9-13 Norwood High Street, SE27 9JU
Where? Walking around West Norwood
How to take part? Please contact Joseph Beakhouse Engagement.London@larche.org.uk

Who are L'Arche?
L'Arche create communities of shared lives between people with and without learning disabilities, who work together for a more human society. They support around 300 adults with a learning disability in the United Kingdom and have a residential home, workshop and shop in West Norwood.
They recognise and respect the individuality of the people they support, helping individuals and their families choose a way of life that feels right for them. What matters most is that people with learning disabilities are supported to live in ways that give them life.
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: Laura Harper laura.harper.larche@gmail.com
Website: www.larche.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/larchelondonuk
Twitter: twitter.com/larcheuk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/larcheuk/

Improving Life Experiences run by The Dante Leigh Foundation - for young adults with learning disabilities/complex needs and pre-school under 5yrs
What? This project aims to bring together these two groups to help raise awareness, build relationships and experiences which in the long run normalises these interactions, builds lasting friendships and ultimately increases the scope for inclusion and Employment; in the first instance persons with a LD who may never have children of their own experiencing being around babies as they grow up and learn.
The aim is of Improving Life Experiences is to better the interactions of young adults with learning difficulties and under fives with the vision to creating life-long benefits. From personal experience as a mother with an adult son with severe learning difficulties Jean Leigh (the person behind The Dante Leigh Foundation) noticed the benefits her son Dante gets from the interactions with his nieces and nephew and the reverse. For example he is much more relaxed when in the presence of other children and their cries do not send him to a raging fit as they previously did. In turn, his nieces and nephew have learnt not to be afraid of him and his condition or social skills. They use this experience with him to help each other and others with a need for support. Both the nursery and the supported living home will collaboratively with the Foundation to formulate a plan that fits.
Improving Life Experiences is a test project that will lay the foundation for a wider programme of implementation if proven.
When? Projects dates to be announced
Where? Venue to be confirmed
How to take part? Please contact Jean Leigh mahala1996@yahoo.co.uk

Who is The Dante Leigh Foundation?
As lead of the Foundation, Jean Leigh has several years of working within charities in the UK including that of an international medical charity as their Chief Finance and Operating Officer. I am used to monitoring large budgets for projects and evaluating the outcomes. With the Foundation we have an ongoing campaign 'Disability Awareness - It's an Everyday Thing' which is managed by Jean. It involves connecting business communities, schools and colleges with their perception of disability within their environment and daily lives.
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: contact Jean Leigh mahala1996@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.danteleighfoundation.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/danteleighfoundation
Twitter: twitter.com/danteleighuk