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#ThrivingNorwood FREE activites and support for inter-generational projects
The Dawn's Stories Intergenerational Project run by Ashdon Jazz Academy
Improving Life Experiences run by The Dante Leigh Foundation

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The Dawn's Stories Intergenerational Project run by Ashdon Jazz Academy - for young women and older people
What? The Ashdon Jazz Academy will be working in partnership with elder community groups and older people living in West Norwood and Gipsy Hill area on a project that brings them into contact with local young women to share the stories of their lives. The young women will prepare interview questions supported by a project worker. The questions would explore the challenges faced as women back in the 1960's and 1970's. How the different challenges they faced were overcome? Why some of them decided to settle in this country, how they adjusted, the challenges they faced (including discrimination), learning about resilience, the differences in growing up in the UK back in the 1960-1970's. What advice and guidance could the older women, provide to the younger women? Sessions will involve a meal cooked jointly where skills can be shared. Each session will take place in an accessible and warm environment.
The project outcome will be the creation of an anthology of the older people’s stories by the young women using poems, photos and artifacts, personal reflections from the young women about their learning experiences and the person they were matched with. With permission videos captured from the project will be shared and collated for social media and website purposes.
When? 5pm-7pm, Wednesday 11 and Wednesday 18 October, 
Where? Old Library, 14-16 Knights Hill, SE27 0HY
How to get involved? Contact ashdonjazzacademy@yahoo.co.uk or 07949 875605 for more info & to confirm your place

Who are Ashdon Jazz Academy?
The charity started in 2015 following the tragic death of Ashdon Muirhead who ended her own life at just the age of 14 years. As a teenager Ashdon struggled with peer pressure, peer aggression at school and lacking confidence about being herself in a society that pressurises young women to be and act a certain way.
Her mother Trisha Muirhead, continues to believe it is her life’s work to help as many girls faced with the same challenges as Ashdon. She set up Ashdon Jazz Academy in 2015 and has since supported over 300 vulnerable young women. The main work of the charity is to assign a mentor with a mentee on a 1:1 basis. They meet, or speak regularly and empower confidence, develop personal skills, deal with their challenges and be an listening ear. In addition, the charity continues to provide a weekly drop-in session, workshops, weekend retreats and other female only events. AJA works in partnership with local Councils, Youth Clubs, Schools, Children’s Social Care and other statutory and voluntary organisations. This enables them to target vulnerable young females who may benefit from being referred, or may wish to self-refer directly for mentoring, or to access one of the services.
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: Patricia Muirhead ashdonjazzacademy@yahoo.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ashdonjazzacademy/
Twitter: twitter.com/AshdonJAcademy
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ashdonjazzacademy/

Improving Life Experiences run by The Dante Leigh Foundation - for young adults with learning disabilities/complex needs and pre-school under 5yrs
What? This project aims to bring together these two groups to help raise awareness, build relationships and experiences which in the long run normalises these interactions, builds lasting friendships and ultimately increases the scope for inclusion and Employment; in the first instance persons with a LD who may never have children of their own experiencing being around babies as they grow up and learn.
The aim is of Improving Life Experiences is to better the interactions of young adults with learning difficulties and under fives with the vision to creating life-long benefits. From personal experience as a mother with an adult son with severe learning difficulties Jean Leigh (the person behind The Dante Leigh Foundation) noticed the benefits her son Dante gets from the interactions with his nieces and nephew and the reverse. For example he is much more relaxed when in the presence of other children and their cries do not send him to a raging fit as they previously did. In turn, his nieces and nephew have learnt not to be afraid of him and his condition or social skills. They use this experience with him to help each other and others with a need for support. Both the nursery and the supported living home will collaboratively with the Foundation to formulate a plan that fits.
Improving Life Experiences is a test project that will lay the foundation for a wider programme of implementation if proven.
When? Projects dates to be announced
Where? Venue to be confirmed
How to take part? Please contact Jean Leigh mahala1996@yahoo.co.uk

Who is The Dante Leigh Foundation?
As lead of the Foundation, Jean Leigh has several years of working within charities in the UK including that of an international medical charity as their Chief Finance and Operating Officer. I am used to monitoring large budgets for projects and evaluating the outcomes. With the Foundation we have an ongoing campaign 'Disability Awareness - It's an Everyday Thing' which is managed by Jean. It involves connecting business communities, schools and colleges with their perception of disability within their environment and daily lives.
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: contact Jean Leigh mahala1996@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.danteleighfoundation.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/danteleighfoundation
Twitter: twitter.com/danteleighuk

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Creative Connection run by Julie Norburn - for everyone
What? A series of creative workshops open to everyone that will encourage exploration and connection with the arts for well-being. Finding creative solutions and engaging with the spirit of play allows people to feel better. During these interactive workshops participants will explore 30 exciting creative challenges that are designed to help them grow in confidence about their individual creative response - which then leads to improved health and well-being. 

When and Where?
Rosendale Allotments, 227 Rosendale Road, West Norwood SE21 8LR:
Sunday 19 November, 2-4 pm Community Hall (all ages)
Saturday 9 December, 2-4 pm Community Hall (all ages)

Community Shop, Vale Street, West Norwood SE27 9PA:
Saturday 11 November, 12.30 –2.30 pm Community Room (families)
Wednesday 13 December, 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)
Saturday 20 January 12.30 – 2.30 pm oCmmunity Room (families)
Wednesday 24 January 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)
Saturday 17 February 12.30 – 2.30 pm Community Room (families)
Wednesday 21 February 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)

How to get involved? Please contact Julie Norburn jewels@art4space.co.uk or 07816 386270. There is capacity for 15 people at each workshop.

Who is behind Creative Connection?
Julie says: 'Life, people, and possibilities deeply inspire me, and I am passionate about bringing the community together and encouraging others to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the arts and creativity as a tools for well being. Supporting human skills and creativity has never been more important, especially in a world that’s increasingly relying on technology to support and nurture human connection. Creative Chance is my opportunity to use my passion and knowledge to empower people to make creative expression and ‘responses’ a reality for everyone, so they can develop their own personal creative toolkit and use it as a precious resource any time they need it in life. I fight for social equality and the rights that everyone has to lead a safe and healthy life, filled with opportunities for learning, creativity and fun. I teach with sensitive care to each individual as everyone is unique.'
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: contact Julie Norburn jewels@art4space.co.uk
Website: www.creativechance.co.uk