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#ThrivingNorwood FREE activites and support for all ages and abilities
Digital Drop-ins run by ClearCommunityWeb
Volunteering and Activity Open Day at Norwood Park, run Friends of Norwood Park
Weekly Wellbeing Walk, run by L'Arche
Creative Connection, run by Julie Norburn

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Digital Drop-Ins run by ClearCommunityWeb - for everyone
What? Digital Drop-Ins are places to get support, quietly practice or ask for advice for computers, tablets & mobile phones.
We can help you use your device, ensure it is safe and help you develop your skills & confidence.
We can help set up or recover accounts, install apps or transfer files.
Typical things we help with include we help with include

  • installing apps
  • creating or accessing email accounts
  • recovering accounts
  • re-setting passwords
  • transferring files
  • filling in forms
  • help with accessibility settings
  • running updates & checking for viruses.

We solve problems, keep you safe and extend skills!
We also help remotely and, in some cases, make a home visit so contact us for further information.
When? Dropin's began on Monday 4 September: West Norwood: Monday's 2pm-4pm, Gipsy Hill: Friday's 10am-12noon
For other dropin's and other events please follow this link
Where? West Norwood: West Norwood Library Community Room, 1-5 Norwood High St, SE27 9JX, Gipsy Hill: Upper Norwood Library Hub, 39 Westow Hill, SE19 1TQ
How to take part? No need to book, just turn up

Who is ClearCommunityWeb?
ClearCommunityWeb help people feel more confident and comfortable with technology through classes, workshops and individual support. Our work is designed to help people feel more comfortable with technology - for those who are new to it, or provide ‘improver’ style sessions for anyone looking for extra support. We understand technology can be overwhelming for many people. Making information as simple as possible can go a long way in giving people the confidence to overcome their fears and anxieties. Our services walk through the steps to resolve computer issues and difficulties people are having in staying connected.
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: Caspar Kennerdale, info@clearcommunityweb.co.uk
Website: clearcommunityweb.co.uk/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ClearCommunityWeb
Twitter: twitter.com/ClearCommunity
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ClearCommunityWeb/

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Getting Out There: Better Together run by L'Arche - for everyone
What? L'Arche run a weekly Wellbeing Walk in West Norwood. This is an opportunity for people with and without learning disabilities to meet up regularly, form relationships, and spend time together in nature.
How to take part? Please contact Joseph Beakhouse at the email below for more information, or show up on the day.
When? Every Friday at 12noon for about 40mins, leaving from the L'Arche shop, 9-13 Norwood High Street, SE27 9JU
Where? Walking around West Norwood
How to take part? Please contact Joseph Beakhouse Engagement.London@larche.org.uk

Who are L'Arche?
L'Arche create communities of shared lives between people with and without learning disabilities, who work together for a more human society. They support around 300 adults with a learning disability in the United Kingdom and have a residential home, workshop and shop in West Norwood.
They recognise and respect the individuality of the people they support, helping individuals and their families choose a way of life that feels right for them. What matters most is that people with learning disabilities are supported to live in ways that give them life.
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: Laura Harper laura.harper.larche@gmail.com
Website: www.larche.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/larchelondonuk
Twitter: twitter.com/larcheuk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/larcheuk/

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Creative Connection run by Julie Norburn - for everyone
What? A series of creative workshops open to everyone that will encourage exploration and connection with the arts for well-being. Finding creative solutions and engaging with the spirit of play allows people to feel better. During these interactive workshops participants will explore 30 exciting creative challenges that are designed to help them grow in confidence about their individual creative response - which then leads to improved health and well-being. 

When and Where?
Rosendale Allotments, 227 Rosendale Road, West Norwood SE21 8LR:
Sunday 19 November, 2-4 pm Community Hall (all ages)
Saturday 9 December, 2-4 pm Community Hall (all ages)

Community Shop, Vale Street, West Norwood SE27 9PA:
Saturday 11 November, 12.30 –2.30 pm Community Room (families)
Wednesday 13 December, 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)
Saturday 20 January 12.30 – 2.30 pm oCmmunity Room (families)
Wednesday 24 January 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)
Saturday 17 February 12.30 – 2.30 pm Community Room (families)
Wednesday 21 February 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)

How to get involved? Please contact Julie Norburn jewels@art4space.co.uk or 07816 386270. There is capacity for 15 people at each workshop.

Who is behind Creative Connection?
Julie says: 'Life, people, and possibilities deeply inspire me, and I am passionate about bringing the community together and encouraging others to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the arts and creativity as a tools for well being. Supporting human skills and creativity has never been more important, especially in a world that’s increasingly relying on technology to support and nurture human connection. Creative Chance is my opportunity to use my passion and knowledge to empower people to make creative expression and ‘responses’ a reality for everyone, so they can develop their own personal creative toolkit and use it as a precious resource any time they need it in life. I fight for social equality and the rights that everyone has to lead a safe and healthy life, filled with opportunities for learning, creativity and fun. I teach with sensitive care to each individual as everyone is unique.'
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: contact Julie Norburn jewels@art4space.co.uk
Website: www.creativechance.co.uk

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Volunteering and Activity Open Day run by Friends of Norwood Park - for everyone
THIS EVENT HAS NOW HAPPENED, but please get in touch using the contact details below if you want to be involved in future activities or simply to be kept informed on whats going on in Norwood Park

What? The Friends will be hosting workshops with local woodcarving group Let’s Make, creating signs for a nature trail and seating out of fallen trees culminating in an open day for the community garden which will involve extending and putting a new raised bed on the other side of the path from it incorporating herb and sensory gardens. The Volunteering and Activity Open Day will involve sign making and bench building, community garden open, sensory plant and wildflower sowing, bramble bottling, tree mulching, refreshments and food provider for those that come along and help.
When? 11am-4pm, Saturday 14 October
Where? Norwood Park is located between Elder Road, Central Hill and Salter's Hill
How to get involved? Just turn up for the Volunteering and Activity Day - and remember the park is open every day for everyone to enjoy

Who are Friends of Norwood Park?
The Friends of Norwood Park is made up of a group of local residents who volunteer to help protect, maintain and improve Norwood Park. Norwood Park has some of the best panoramic views of the capital, plus a playground, outdoor gym, skatepark, café, frog pond, MUGA, country walk, Sloe walk and Wild meadow walk. It also has a very supportive and inclusive dog group (look for the orange bag). 
​Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: Lorien Mowat, Chair Friendsofnorwoodpark@aol.com
Website: friendsofnorwoodpark.squarespace.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FriendsofNorwoodPark
Twitter: twitter.com/FONPLondon
Instagram: www.instagram.com/friendsofnorwoodpark/