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#ThrivingNorwood FREE activites and support for adults 18yrs+
Drama Club London run by Becky Large
Thriving Norwood Wellbeing Champs run by It's a Playground
Allotment Project run by Rathbone Society
Gipsy Hill Grows at Norwood and Brixton Foodbank run by South London Botanical Institute (SLBI)
Creative Connection, run by Julie Norburn
West Norwood Cycling Club, run by WeNo.CC

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Drama Club London - for adults aged 18yrs+ who are currently experiencing mental health challenges
What? Drama Club London will be a free weekly drama games club for adults who are currently experiencing mental health challenges. Led by 2 experienced facilitators, it’s an opportunity to be part of a warm and creative group exploring a wide range of accessible and fun drama games. No acting or performance experience needed.
When? Weekly starting Tuesday 17 October, 2.30pm-4pm
Where? West Norwood Library 1-5 Norwood High St, SE27 9JX
How to take part? Contact Becky Large beckydramaclub@gmail.com

Who are Drama Club London?

This is a new project, set up and run by Becky Large. Becky has recently completed post graduate studies in Theatre for Community & Education and has a particular interest in using drama games to encourage playfulness in adults for long-term well-being. She is a freelance drama/creative facilitator in schools and community settings including the Old Vic Theatre and Ministry of Stories. She completed the Old Vic Theatre Facilitators training programme in 2022 – planning, delivering & evaluating creative workshops using drama games & theatre skills and has been a primary teacher with 25+ years of facilitating innovative, exciting, and purposeful learning environments. She also has a Diploma in Arts Administration & Management and a B.Ed Hons in Drama & English.
Contact: for more information: Becky Large beckydramaclub@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/958750788108591
Twitter: twitter.com/dramaclublondon
Instagram: www.instagram.com/dramaclublondon/

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Thriving Norwood Wellbeing Champs (previously Gipsy Hill Wellbeing Champions in Round 1) run by It's a Playground - for adults aged 18yrs+
What? An opportunity to become a certified Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and join a community of locals who want to inspire positive change across Norwood and support and encourage others. Find out more about what the course will cover here
Thriving Norwood Wellbeing Champs will:

  • COMPLETE the two day ADULT face to face Mental Health First Aid Course. This is an internationally recognised certification which will help learners become more confident in supporting others experiencing poor mental health in a non-professional capacity.
  • ATTEND an additional workshop to cover MHFA for Substance misuse related support & action planning and there will be an opportunity to network with some other Wellbeing Advocates.
  • GET ACCESS to monthly online wellbeing education sessions where resources will be shared, which you can, in turn, share with your community.
  • RECEIVE a 3 year certification and will get access to the MHFAider App, quarterly webinars and resources from MHFA(England), a digital manual, hardcopy workbook and a lanyard and action card
  • JOIN a group of locals who want to work together to increase mental health awareness and connect the community.

PART 1: Adult MHFA(England) Thriving Wellbeing Champion Course
2 Day Course: 9am-5pm, Saturday 4 and Saturday 11 November 2023
PART 2: Follow up workshop, action planning and networking session
Half Day Course: 10am - 2pm, Saturday 9 December 2023
Please note - all dates must be attended
PART 1  - Upper Norwood Library Hub, 39 Westow Hill, SE19 1TQ (we'll be in the Teal room)
PART 2 - Venue TBC
How to take part? If you live in the borough of Lambeth in the Norwood area (Gipsy Hill, Tulse Hill, West Dulwich, West Norwood) and are interested in finding out more and potentially applying for this opportunity, please follow this link 
Any questions, please contact Laura Rigden info@itsaplayground.org

Who is It's a Playground?
"It's a Playground" is a small but mighty local wellbeing consultancy & specialist training company with a whole lot of heart. They use basic, evidence-based wellbeing principles peppered with genuine passion, personal experience and curiosity to empower individuals and support communities and organisations to thrive.
Want to know a bit more: About your MHFA(England) instructor and the company behind this initiative (It's a Playground)? Head here: www.itsaplayground.org/about
If you'd like to register: To receive a monthly from It's a Playground, head here: www.itsaplayground.org/keep-up-to-date-subscribe-now
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: Laura Rigden info@itsaplayground.org
Website: www.itsaplayground.org/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindstrengthandconditioning/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/itsaplayground/

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Allotment Project run by Rathbone Society - for adults with a learning disability aged 18yrs+
What? Allotment Project for young adults with a learning disability 18yrs+, with the aim to improve physical & mental health, reduce social isolation, and help with the cost of living.
When? Every Saturday
Where? Rathbone site on Chatsworth Way, West Norwood and Rosendale Allotments
How to take part? Contact Andrew Preston for more information a.preston@rathbonesociety.org.uk

Who is Rathbone Society?
Most people know them simply as 'Rathbones', and they largely support young people in the borough of Lambeth with a wide range of projects including youth clubs. Whilst they are primarily a service provider to young people with learning disabilities, they also deliver mainstream and integrated youth work at both their base The Old Library in West Norwood and other venues across the south of the borough.
Contact: Andrew Preston a.preston@rathbonesociety.org.uk
Website: rathbonesociety.org.uk/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Rathbonelambeth/
Twitter: twitter.com/_Rathbone_
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rathbonesociety

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Gipsy Hill Grows run by South London Botanical Institute (SLBI) - for adults and their family members visiting the Emmanuel Centre Food Hub
SLBI will be running two planting and growing sessions at the Emmanuel Centre Food Hub. Learn how to grow your own food, simply and sustainably at home, and what a big difference this can make during the cost of living crisis we are experiencing at present. It will be an opportunity to learn about healthy food and how we can grow it ourselves, even if a green space for growing at home is not available to you.
When? Spanning Autumn 2023 to Winter 2024, please contact Sarah below for exact dates she will be there
Where?  Emmanuel Centre Food Hub, 96 Clive Rd, London SE21 8BU
How to take part? Contact Sarah Webley, email: sarah.webley@slbi.org.uk
How to take part? This is a drop-in activity, but for more information on these particular sessions, please contact Sarah Webley, email: sarah.webley@slbi.org.uk

Who is SLBI?
Founded in 1910 in Tulse Hill, SLBI provides facilities for the study of plants including ecology and conservation, and aims to encourage interest in all aspects of plant life. They have a beautiful botanical garden and run a wide range of courses, workshops, school visits and events for all ages - encouraging participation of people from all ages, backgrounds and levels of learning. 
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: Sarah Webley, email: sarah.webley@slbi.org.uk
Website: www.slbi.org.uk/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/283618438349250
Twitter: twitter.com/SLBotanicalInst
Instagram: www.instagram.com/slbi_323/

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Creative Connection run by Julie Norburn - for everyone
What? A series of creative workshops open to everyone that will encourage exploration and connection with the arts for well-being. Finding creative solutions and engaging with the spirit of play allows people to feel better. During these interactive workshops participants will explore 30 exciting creative challenges that are designed to help them grow in confidence about their individual creative response - which then leads to improved health and well-being. 

When and Where?
Rosendale Allotments, 227 Rosendale Road, West Norwood SE21 8LR:
Sunday 19 November, 2-4 pm Community Hall (all ages)
Saturday 9 December, 2-4 pm Community Hall (all ages)

Community Shop, Vale Street, West Norwood SE27 9PA:
Saturday 11 November, 12.30 –2.30 pm Community Room (families)
Wednesday 13 December, 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)
Saturday 20 January 12.30 – 2.30 pm oCmmunity Room (families)
Wednesday 24 January 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)
Saturday 17 February 12.30 – 2.30 pm Community Room (families)
Wednesday 21 February 1-3 pm Community Kitchen area (adults)

How to get involved? Please contact Julie Norburn jewels@art4space.co.uk or 07816 386270. There is capacity for 15 people at each workshop.

Who is behind Creative Connection?
Julie says: 'Life, people, and possibilities deeply inspire me, and I am passionate about bringing the community together and encouraging others to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the arts and creativity as a tools for well being. Supporting human skills and creativity has never been more important, especially in a world that’s increasingly relying on technology to support and nurture human connection. Creative Chance is my opportunity to use my passion and knowledge to empower people to make creative expression and ‘responses’ a reality for everyone, so they can develop their own personal creative toolkit and use it as a precious resource any time they need it in life. I fight for social equality and the rights that everyone has to lead a safe and healthy life, filled with opportunities for learning, creativity and fun. I teach with sensitive care to each individual as everyone is unique.'
Contact: for more information on this project and organisation: contact Julie Norburn jewels@art4space.co.uk
Website: www.creativechance.co.uk

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Weekly cycle group run by WeNo.cc - for everyone
 Originally founded in 1880, weno.cc is now reborn as a friendly local cycle club for adults of all ages and abilities in and around West Norwood. We want to help encourage people to get out on their bikes for its mental and physical wellbeing benefits, as well as being a great low cost form of transport.
When? We host rides at least once a month on Feast Sundays, but usually it's most weekends. We are looking to make a more formal calendar or rides. Follow us to stay updated.
Where? We usually ride out towards Regents or Richmond Park, into the countryside of Kent and Surrey, or sometimes further afield. The routes are often suggested by different members of the group, and those who are available will join in. Routes will be posted on Strava (free cycling app) beforehand. We will always try to keep an option of a longer and shorter route so everyone feels confident to ride with us.
How to take part? Follow us on Instagram or Strava (see links below) for updates on rides and come along when you can. If you are interested but don't have a bike let us know as there are some great local resources to help get people cycling by either hiring bikes long term or getting refurbished bikes at a discount.
Contact? Please email weno.cc@hotmail.com or use our social channels

What is WeNo.cc?
Currently WeNo.cc is a local cycling group with 15 or so members, who are now looking to reach out to the broader community, and engage with those who may not cycle. We want to grow a sociable cycling group, that encourages more people to cycle and get healthier.
Cycling has so many benefits for individuals. It is a low cost form of transport which makes you healthier, and can be enjoyed for travel or pleasure, especially in social groups. It helps build friend networks within the community, once you get into it, it's a hobby for life.
This chimes perfectly with many local schemes going on at the moment. LTN's are being introduced around West Norwood to encourage more people to travel by other means, and make cycling safer for local people. And Lambeth is promoting its 'Big Shift,' designed to promote "healthier and greener travel around Lambeth." There are lots of local initiatives we could tie into to help with access to free or affordable bicycles and cycle training. And Lambeth already has a scheme for a cycling Community Influencer to help promote cycling. 
Contact: For more info please email weno.cc@hotmail.com or use our social channels
Website: www.weno.cc
Instagram: www.instagram.com/weno.cc/
Strava (free cycling app): www.strava.com/clubs/wenocc