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River Effra Trail

Self guided walk: River Effra Trail
We are indebted to blogger 'Diamond Geezer' for this story - and map - that explain how the route of the lost River Effra can be walked:

He starts by saying:
'The Effra is south London's most famous lost river, and once flowed from the heights of Upper Norwood to the Thames, via West Dulwich and Brixton. Its waters were culverted in Victorian times, permitting the suburbanisation of the valley, and only a few clues to its existence remain. Contours are a dead giveaway in the upper course, especially above West Norwood, and the occasional stink pipe stands as a reminder of what still lurks underground. Now Lambeth, the borough through which the majority of the Effra flowed, is marking the course of the river with intermittent pavement plaques.'

Read the rest of this fascinating story here: diamondgeezer.blogspot.com/2016/12/marking-river-effra.html
Diamond Geezer map of pavement plaques is here: plaquemap
Read about the design of the pavement plaques here: www.tom-castle.co.uk/portfolio/p1_effra.html
Read more about the river here: www.vauxhallandkennington.org.uk/effra.html

And of course don't miss our live streamed talk at 7pm on Thursday 10 December with Jon Newman, who will be talking about his book, The River Effra.
Find out more about this talk here: www.norwoodforum.org/jon-newman