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Leigham Vale: temporary closure

Due to necessary sewer works, Leigham Vale will be partially closed to traffic (except for access) from 29 March 2024 at least up to 26 April 2024, and perhaps longer if there is a need to extend the works.

Vehicles will be temporarily banned from entering and stopping, waiting, and loading on Leigham Vale between the junction of Knollys Road and the south-western boundary of No. 8 Leigham Vale. The following banned turns into Leigham Vale will apply from:- (a) Knollys Road, (b) Stockfield Road (except for access), (c) Hitherfield Road (except for access), (d) Palace Road (except for access). As the works progress, the exact ban will be indicated by the placing of the appropriate traffic signs.

Alternative routes for affected vehicles will be via Leigham Court Road, Glennie Road, Royal Circus, York Hill and Norwood Road and vice-versa.