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Lambeth fortnightly black bin rubbish collections

Lambeth Council is to start its fortnightly black bin rubbish collections from April 2024.

The decision was made in September following a consultation in which over 7,000 residents expressed their views.

The Council is writing now to all street-level (kerbside) households in the Borough to advise of the change from weekly collections. Recycling, food waste, garden waste and small electrical and batteries collections will remain weekly, and households will be able to recycle as much as they like.  

Households whose waste is collected from communal bulk bins or from sacks will not be affected by this change. 

If you are affected, consider now how you will manage your bins from April and perhaps introduce changes now. 

One of the key messages from the consultation was the need to provide extra support for households that may need more space for their rubbish. Under the new arrangements all households with five or more people, or which use disposable nappies or incontinence nappies, or bulky medical waste will be able to apply for a larger black rubbish bin.

The Council website should have all the information you need: fortnightly rubbish collections.

Experience elsewhere in London shows an increase in recycling follwong the switch to fortnightly collection. Over half of the Councils in London have now made the switch. You can read more here on the Love Lambeth website.