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Windsor Grove scrap metal yard: revised planning application

We have learnt from local residents and Norwood Action Group that the planning application from Urban & Provincial/Southwark Metals for a new scrap metal recycling facility at Windsor Grove has been revised. The advice on the Lambeth Planning portal states:

RE-CONSULTATION DUE TO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - Environmental Statement (dated: December 2020) Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 - Transport Assessment and Transport Assessment Addendum.

To access these details, use reference no. 20/01066/EIAFUL on the Lambeth Planning portal.

The original application attracted 1129 representations and comments, almost universally against the proposals. The grounds for objection included the large number and size of heavy lorries travelling to and from the site along residential roads of West Norwood and beyond, site access issues, hours of use, air and noise pollution, and impact on the Site of Importance for Nature Conservation. 

We understand that some local residents have received letters about this new consultation, and we have asked Lambeth Planning officers to advise if all the people who responded last year will be informed of the revisions now made and given the opportunity to consider whether or not they wish to make further observations. At the moment we do not know the implications of the revisions to the application, and will publish further information when we can.