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Norwood Road resurfacing and road markings February update

We are pleased to report the near completion of the resurfacing and road remarking works along Norwood Road from Chestnut Road to Avenue Park Road over the period Monday 13 January to Friday 21 January 2023. This is the final major element of the Streetworks project to improve our public realm, first begun in 2015, and kickstarted in 2021 by Norwood Forum.

In particular, we are pleased to report that pedestrian safety has been improved by the installation of new markings at all the relevant junctions with 'Copenhagen' type crossings. All road users, including pedestrians, need to be aware of the Highway Code, be considerate to other road users and understand their responsibility for the safety of others. However, the new installation of give way markings now clearly requires approaching drivers etc to slow down, be prepared to stop if pedestrians are crossing, and proceed with caution once pedestrians have crossed. The first Copenhagen crossings in the UK were introduced in Clapham in 2015. This was an inspiration to the community working on the Streetworks project to bring this concept to the this scheme. We believe our high street is the first in Lambeth to have a comprehensive Copenhagen scheme.

There are a number of pieces of work that could not be completed. In particular, the new anti-skid surface at the diagonal crossing (York Hill/Lancaster Avenue) could not be laid in the near freezing/freezing conditions of 13 -21 January 2023. The Council's contractor has decided the new tarmac should be allowed to cure for four weeks before laying the anti-skid surface, and dry conditions will also be needed. We await the date for this work.

The section of road under the railway bridge at Tulse Hill awaits drainage investigation work (expected Easter; April 2023), and the date for resurfacing the section up to the Tulse Hill gyratory is also awaited (see below). 

Some minor radial kerb works remain to be completed (granite kerbs could not be sourced), and these works will include one spot just to the east in Lancaster Avenue.   

Some tactile paving is due to be laid at Station Rise, and we have asked that this be completed in time for the opening of The Queen of the South.

There were some communication difficulties before and during the early stages of the works, and we are working with Council officers and Station to Station to improve standard arrangements for the benefit of residents and shopkeepers when similar major works are carried out in busy areas in the future.

We are also aware of two more road works to be carried out along this stretch of Norwood Road:

  • Lansdowne Hill – Chestnut Road. UKPN will dig a trench from Monday 12 to Friday 17 February 2023 (over half term) to accommodate a new electricity cable. These works will require 24hour one way traffic light control which will be hand operated during the day, and mechanically operated at night.
  • A Thames Water leak at the manhole cover outside B&Q: despite a number of attempts by Lambeth officers, Thames Water did not undertake this repair, which they decided was minor (the leak was reported on 31 December 2022). The manhole cover had been tarmacked over temporarily and we have expressed concern that there were signs the leak had been repaired unsuccessfully twice before, and at signs of subsistence. Lambeth officers are seeking further information on the extent and scheduling of the repair works. 

Lastly, we await firm proposals from TfL on completion of the resurfacing works at the Tulse Hill gyratory. These works were only half completed before Christmas, due, we were told, to the cold weather. We understand the remaining works will need seven nights (Monday to Friday) and early March 2023 is being considered. The works will necessitate similar bus and traffic diversions to those put in place before Christmas. We are seeking further information from TfL.