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First Step Trust up and coming courses

First Step Trust (FST) is a charity with  around 30 years’ experience in providing real work experience, on the job training and salaried employment for people excluded from working life because of mental health conditions, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol and other disadvantages.

FST provides work placements in the following areas: catering, motor mechanics, gardening, admin, reception, customer service and finance. They have a nunber of courses coming up soon:

  • Driving Ambition® starts on Thursday 9 February 2023
  • Food Hygiene levels 2 and 3
  • Customer Service
  • Health and safety level 2
  • Introducing the Virtual Reality programmes featuring Our Virtual Garage experience®, Our Virtual Digger experience® and Our Virtual Kitchen. 

If these courses are of interets, please get in touch and w ewill apss on contact details. You read more about the work of FST here on their website.