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Window Wanderland 90 seconds from Window Wanderland on Vimeo.

The video shows you exactly what a Window Wanderland is
It's completely free to take part in our own Wild Norwood Window Wanderland

Here's some ideas on how ...

Simply cutting out leaves from newspaper look incredibly effective - or picking the real thing up from outside. Use selloptape to stick them straight onto the glass.
But - if you want to go a little further, here are a few resources to help you, but think creatively about using what you already have at home.
We don't have any affliation with any suppliers listed, use them at your own risk.

Wild Norwood - it's entirely up to you how you interpret our theme - but the links below will take you to resources featuring nature and the natural world as inspiration.

Locally, you will almost certainly find tissue paper in corner shops, gift shopsand post office and we highly recommend shopping local.

Alternatives we suggest looking at:
Window Wanderland sells tracing paper packs, tool kits and even some transfers. Shop Wanderland
We also like Bright Ideas for range and cheap price, and of course Hobbycraft is very good too.

Paint and pens
Last year many people used paint for their windows. Or perhaps easier, paint a picture on paper and tape it to your window - its good if the paper is slightly transparent so the light makes it shine, or you can paint straight onto the glass. Chalk pens are especially good and wipe off, leaving no trace.

Go outside and pick up some leaves to draw around. For that matter stick the actual leaves to your windows!
Mr Google is full of template ideas - use your screen as a lightbox to draw around any shape.
Here are some leaf templates (see the image at the top of this page).
This Pinterest site has some fantastic wildlife silhouettes.
And there are some great woodland silhouettes here - from very easy to extremely complex.

Community Window Display in West Norwood Library and Picturehouse
This year our Winter Wanderland Window Trail along Norwood Road will feature plants and seeds found in West Norwood Cemetery. Follow the trail and it will lead you to  large, magical displays in both the Cemetery and West Norwood Library and Picturehouse. 

Drop in Workshops
Details to follow.

Artist Andy Goldsworthy is inspirational in the way he works with nature - especially its natural shape and colour.

Perhaps you might be inspired by all of these artists who work with silhouettes.

The Woodland Trust is packed full of inspiration and goes further with helpful ways to find and identify wildlife in our woods.

Finally, here is a link to some of previous years window designs in our #wildnorwood photo album - and a montage of lots of them below, click on the images for larger versions.