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Four suggested online choirs here:

-   stayathomechoir 

Come in, wash your hands, find a seat! We think you’ll like it here. The Stay At Home Choir is an online platform set up by Tori Longdon and Jamie Wright to keep our musical communities connected at a time when choirs and orchestras can’t meet to rehearse.

-   thesofasingers 

The Sofa Singers is a free and weekly online singing event that brings 100's of people together from around the world, to spark joy and human connection

-   somevoices 

In this time of isolation, when we must stay apart to keep each other safe, what we need most is connection. Some Voices is about the joy of singing, community, and bringing people together for shared experiences - and that matters now more than ever. That’s why we are bringing you Some Virtual Voices.

-   greatbritishhomechorus

Gareth Malone announces a new initiative to bring together both amateur and professional performers around the country as we experience day to day ‘social distancing’

event date: 

Monday, May 4, 2020