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This project is not open to the public to participate in, but you can find out more about the school, and follow progress via varous links shown below.


The Norwood School Health & Wellbeing Garden
What? Our school garden was started in 2021 in response to the isolation that many of our students have experienced as a result of the national lockdowns in 2019/2020. Our staff team felt that students would benefit greatly from sowing, growing and harvesting edible crops together in a natural environment. This has been a hugely successful undertaking and we have seen an increase in the number of students taking part in and enjoying the garden space as a result of the funding received from Norwood Forum Thriving fund in 2022.
When evaluating last season we identified 150 students who had taken part in activities in the garden. Many of these students were students with special educational needs or students with mental health concerns. This year we hope to reach 300 students in the garden this year by encouraging more classes and clubs to engage with garden activities and hosting art events in the garden. However, we believe that quality of experience is just as important as the number of students and particularly wish to focus on students who will benefit from spending time outside in nature working on gardening projects with our experienced school gardener. We believe that time in the garden will result in overall improvements in health and educational outcomes for these students.
When? Oct 2023 - July 2024

More about The Norwood School gardening project: Beatrice Dandy is our school gardener who has developed the school garden in collaboration with the students in the 2022-23 season. Beatrice played a key role in the community work day where parents and students worked together to enlarge the garden installing new planters she has also set up a wild flower garden educating students in the complimentary planting to enrich the ecology of the garden space. Most importantly Beatrice has shown expertise in communicating with students and forming strong relationships. She is familiar with safeguarding protocols and of members of staff in the school team who can further support students.
David Foster and Harry Isitt are the founders of the school garden and have shown the motivation to develop a space that supports students' needs and creates wellbeing for the school community through the garden. During the lifetime of the project both David and Harry have taken on additional responsibilities in the school. Harry now coordinates the PSHE curriculum for key stage three and David is Deputy Head of Year for year 7. While these responsibilities tie well with the pastoral support that the garden provides, it does mean that they need additional support in running the garden activities from a dedicated gardener.
The school SEN department will work closely with the school gardener and garden team to brief and support them in giving support sessions to students who are in need of time completing informal learning in the garden space. The school community is overseen by Jessie Nicholas who will have oversight on the project.
Contact: for more information on this project: David Foster foster.d@thenorwoodschool.org
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