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The way ahead

The previous strategy of using themed meetings to bring together local community groups to discover what each other is doing and find areas of co-operation has been replaced by a series of on-line meetings.

The objective for the next three months is to inform local groups working on Youth Engagement, Health and Welfare and Schools/Skills Programmes as to what is currently happening or planned, with a view to organising short-term publicity, support and co-operation.

The on-line meetings also have the objectives of:

  • publicising the channels to inform those all interested about the plans being made for the Borough as a whole and of
  • informing the officials making those plans about who would like to be engaged locally
  • exploring the practicality of building on current local volunteering programmes to create ongoing physical delivery networks.

The first event, on Youth Engagement will be on Thursday 5 November, 10.30 - 11.30 (with the possibility of 30 minutes over-run for discussion of action plans)
The aim is to plan the objectives and content for a larger on-line event on how to  better support those organising Youth Engagement activities during lockdown, including informing target audiences about what is happening

The second, on Health and Welfare will be on Thursday 12 November, 10.30 - 12.30.
The aim is to look at objectives, content and invitation list for a larger on-line event on how to better support those organising social contact and access to health and welfare, particularly for those in Care Homes/Sheltered Accommodation or being cared for in their own homes.

The third will be Schools, Skills and Jobs: date and objectives to be discussed with Lambeth Made to link with plans for a West Norwood Hub.

Follow up events are being planned on:

  • Violence reduction – to be organised when the Lambeth Made safer strategy is available
  • On-line safety - to be organised when we have identified local partners for the national and regional advice, guidance and victim support programmes now being piloted.  

Please email Norwood Forum on: csp@norwoodforum.org for an invitation, with a note on which areas you or your organisation are interested in.

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