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Gipsy Hill Health & Wellbeing small grants fund - round one

The first phase of this scheme is now complete; read our news story for information on the outcomes.

We are delighted to launch this brand new funding scheme designed to enhance the health & wellbeing of (primarily) the residents of Gipsy Hill.
Applications are especially welcome from local grass roots organisations.
Please read on for more information:

Help with your application
A virtual Q&A Zoom workshop was held on Thursday 27 January 2022. We highly recommend viewing the recording below.
We are also available to answer your questions on anything related to this scheme by email, please contact us on: info@norwoodforum.org 
We can phone you back, if that would be helpful.
Especially ask us if you need any help with managing the finances of your project if you are successful with your application.

This project is funded by Lambeth Council Public Health and managed by Norwood Forum.
Your project must be designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of (primarily) the residents of Gipsy Hill.
The project must be run in Gipsy Hill, unless you need specialist facilities that are only available elsewhere.
These are the local priority groups. Your project must be designed to reach at least one of them:

  • People from Black, Asian and multi-ethnic groups
  • Parents and carers on low incomes (particularly lone parent families)
  • Young families
  • Unemployed
  • People experiencing poor mental health
  • Isolated men (mainly single isolated men)
  • Older people
  • LGBTQ+
  • ​People with disabilities/and or suffering with poor health.

You/your organisation do not need to be based in Gipsy Hill.
You may apply for funding for more than one project, but it is likely (given the level of interest), that we may only be able to fund one of your projects in the first round.
We very much encourage partnerships, and if you are looking for a venue, we can also offer some suggestions.
The maximum you can apply for in this first round is £5,000, but if your project only requires £100 it will receive the same care and attention.
There is an option to apply for two years of funding. That means up to £5,000 in 2022 and up to £5,000 in 2023.
On receipt of your application you may be asked to provide further details.
If you are successful with your application and changing Covid restrictions impact your project, we will discuss and agree with you, a pathway going forward.

Five Top Tips for a successful project and application
1. Start with the change you want to bring - what will be different in people's lives as a result of your project?
2. Think about some measurable indicators of success - how will you know if you have achieved that change?
3. Know your people - plan your activities for what you know will work with / for the people you're targeting
4. Less is more - this is a small grant for a short period, so balance quantity and depth, meaning reach a lot of people in a small way, or a few people in a big way (difficult to do both)
5. Stand out - this is a competitive process, so what will make your project proposal stand out? Anything innovative or distinct?

Data on Gipsy Hill Ward
This grant scheme is not using ward boundaries, but this tool may be useful in planning your project:
Ward Profiler Dashboard This lets you search 16 pages of data specific to each Lambeth ward, such as deprivation, vulnerable older people, youth obesity etc.
Gipsy Hill was identified for the following reasons:

  • One of the wards with highest levels of deprivation in Lambeth
  • Ward has small areas where mental health rates amongst the top 10% in England
  • Good educational attainment at GSCE level but % lacking qualifications at 16+ above Lambeth rates
  • High unemployment and income deprivation combine for poor mental health
  • JSA claimants above Lambeth and England rates due to low skills and high unemployment. This in turn leads to poor health
  • Proportion of those reporting long term illness higher than Lambeth, but lower than England rate
  • Proportion over 65 living alone is similar to Lambeth, but higher than England
  • Obesity at age 11 is similar to Lambeth, but higher than England, could lead to increased risk of future long term conditions (CHD, stroke, diabetes etc)
  • Emergency admissions are above Lambeth rates, but similar to England rates
  • Early deaths before 75 years old (premature deaths) are higher than Lambeth, SE London & England
  • More likely to die prematurely from cancers and from preventable causes (i.e. Healthcare and behavioural interventions e.g. smoking cessation)
  • More likely to die from respiratory disease at all ages, compared to England
  • Over 2/3rds are working age (16-64 years), and 28% (0-19 years)
  • 44.9% from BME background.

If your application is successful, we will ask you to:
1. Include Norwood Forum and Lambeth logos in all your project literature on and off-line and use #healthygipsyhill.
2. Distribute and collect back a short evaluation form to all the people who take part in your project. Norwood Forum will provide this in paper and online formats.
3. Write your own evaluation within 4 weeks of your project finishing which should include: a short narrative, anonymised data of your participants, your evidence of the health & wellbeing outcomes achieved, and a short financial report. Photos and videos would also be welcomed.
4. We may also ask the grant recipients to attend a Gipsy Hill Health & Wellbeing Hub meeting to present your report in person.

Safeguarding, Insurance, Access and Legal Responsibilities
We expect you to fully understand your professional responsibilities relating to yourself, your team (if you have any colleagues involved in this project), those participating in your project (in particular safeguarding vulnerable adults or children), and the facilities you will be using. This includes access, insurance, data protection, current DBS checks where necessary, and relevant Covid-19 legal requirements and best practice, plus any other issues that relate to your particular project.

Key Dates
The deadline to apply is 12 noon Wednesday 9 February 2022, and the decision of the adjudication panel will be final, and subject to funds being available.
The adjudication panel will ensure that the process is fair and transparent. Every application will be assessed against the same criteria. 
You will be advised of the outcome very quickly as we expect your project to have begun, or at least be in the planning stages, by 31 March 2022

Application Form
Applications will need to be submitted by a simple on-line form - link below. Every organisation or individual must complete the application form in full and be able to provide the details of one referee who can vouch for your work.
THIS IS NOT THE APPLICATION FORM but to assist here is a copy of the application form as a Word document so you can see the questions and work on your draft answers.
The link to the actual application form is below.
Once again, if you need help answering any of the questions, including if you need assistance with managing the finance (for instance if you don't have a bank account), please contact: info@norwoodforum.org

To start your application: APPLY HERE - and good luck!