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Day by Day programme

Register your own Window Wanderland window here, where you can also find a map to help you go Window hunting
Then investigate how else you can spend the two festival weeks below.
Click on each event box below for more information, including how to take part (more events are being added all the time - so please bear with us!)

The Programme is colour coded:
All the festival events are linked to nature/the environment/the get big outdoors.
Pink - Window Wanderland - self-guided LIVE trail of wanderland windows for you to discover
Blue - Live Talks - all LIVE and on-line, at either 5pm or 7pm
Green - Walks - some self-guided, one guided LIVE
Yellow - Festival Soundtrack
Orange - Food - pre-recorded cooking demo with LIVE Q&A
Red - Online Resources - including Apps to download and programmes to listen to​
Violet - Workshops - some LIVE, some on-line
Ultramarine - Film - Festival Finale will be LIVE (Covid-19 restrictions allowing)
Burgundy - West Norwood Feast - LIVE
Hazel - Nature in our Neighbourhood - Join in with mapping nature in our neighbourhood, also places to visit, and organisations local and London wide that focus on nature in an urban environment

Saturday 28 November LAUNCH DAY
Sunday 29 November

Monday 30 November

Tuesday 1 December
Wednesday 2 December
Thursday 3 December
Friday 4 December
Saturday 5 December
Sunday 6 December
Monday 7 December
Tuesday 8 December
Wednesday 9 December
 Thursday 10 December
Friday 11 December
Saturday 12 December